Monday, August 23, 2010

A Painful Thing By: Gwenyth Allison

I remember when I got hurt really bad .  One day I was outside with Dad and Addie.  Then they went inside and I got mad.  I pushed my hand through glass and cut my wrist.  I remember it because it was the scariest thing.     
I'll tell you my  feelings and my lesson.  I felt sad because it was a sad thing that happened.  I felt worried because I thought I was going to get in trouble.  Now I feel foolish because I did that.   I learned not to get too mad.



  1. I didn't know that you did that on purpose. I thought it was an accident! Maybe you should have gotten in bigger trouble. ;^) - Dad

  2. When did this happen? I'll bet it was really scary! Did you have to have stitches?

    When I was about 12 I was pushing the garbage down in the garbage can and there was some broken glass in there that cut my wrist. I went up to my mom (Grandma Obie) and she was trying to clean it for me but I fainted and fell flat on the floor!

    I'll bet you were braver than I was!

    Love, Grandma Susie